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9" 2-Speed Portable Twin Window Fan


9" 2-Speed Portable Twin Window Fan


Designed for ultimate versatility, this Cool-Living 9" twin window fan with reversible airflow control includes two dynamic speed settings. The low setting offers a gentle air current to help circulate air in hot, stale rooms, while the high setting offers a brisk breeze to help cool down any area. Beyond the air output, this twin blade window fan also includes an exhaust function that dispels hot, sticky and humid air from your environment, which is especially useful on hot summer days. Equipped with accordion-style expanders on the side, this twin fan window unit adjusts between 22-1/4" and 33", ensuring a snug fit in virtually any window. The removable fabric cover offers a tight seal, helping to prevent keeps bugs, dust, debris and hot air from entering your home, even when the fan is not turned on. For added convenience, the carrying handle makes it easy to move this fan from room to room as needed, and the sturdy feet are suitable for tables or countertop use.

• DUAL SPEED SELECTION: Enjoy the flexibility of choosing between two air output options on this twin speed window fan. Select the low setting for a gentle and soothing airflow, perfect for creating a calm and relaxing environment. Alternatively, opt for the high setting to experience a brisk and invigorating breeze that helps cool down your space quickly. With this dual speed control, you have the power to customize the airflow to your preference, ensuring maximum comfort and satisfaction.
• SECURE AUTO-LOCKING EXPANDERS: Experience a secure and snug fit with the auto-locking accordion expanders featured in this twin airflow window fan. Designed for convenience, these expanders effortlessly adjust to fit window openings ranging from 22-1/4" to 33". Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your fan is securely installed and properly sealed. This plug-in fan ensures hassle-free operation without the need for batteries. Enhance your airflow control with the reliable and practical features of this window fan.
• VERSATILE REVERSIBLE FUNCTION: Take advantage of the manual reverse option provided by this twin blade window fan. With this feature, you can switch between two modes of operation. Draw cool and refreshing air into your home by using the intake function, ensuring a comfortable and rejuvenating atmosphere. Alternatively, use the exhaust function to effectively push hot and stale air out of the room, promoting better ventilation and air circulation. Embrace the versatility and control offered by this fan.
• EASY-TO-REMOVE PROTECTIVE COVER: Enjoy the convenience of a removable fabric cover on this fan. Designed to provide protection against bugs and debris, the cover keeps unwanted elements out. When the fan is not in use, the cover acts as a barrier, preventing hot and humid air from entering your home. This feature helps maintain a comfortable indoor environment even when the fan is not actively circulating air. With the easy-to-remove cover, you can effortlessly clean and maintain your fan, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
• VERSATILE AND PORTABLE DESIGN: Experience the convenience of this twin blade window fan's versatile design. Equipped with two sturdy feet, it can be easily placed on a tabletop or any flat surface, providing optimal airflow wherever you need it within your home. The fan features a convenient carrying handle, allowing for effortless portability and the flexibility to move it from room to room. Enjoy the convenience and versatility of this fan's design, ensuring cool and refreshing air throughout your living space, wherever you may need it.
• Long 60-inch power cord